Lake Side


Well, that was a bit longer than usual between posts.  It’s not for lack of trying, but I just haven’t turned up much that inspired me to take interesting photos (I have plenty of uninteresting ones…).

Today I wasn’t expecting much.  I was back at the Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge, which is a much nicer place at this time of the year when the mosquitos are all gone than it is mid-summer. But it’s also mostly just trees, aside from the old bunkers, which honestly aren’t very photogenic. But I went down a trail I hadn’t traveled before to the edge of the small lake there, and caught the late afternoon sun just right.

The sky was a cloudless blue, although a bit hazy, and the air was almost completely still, which made the water a near-perfect mirror.  I took this photo of a fishing pier, now abandoned for the season.  The original had the horizon mid-photo, with the water mirroring the sky symmetrically. It had looked good at the time, but when I when to process the image it turned out to be really dull. Perfect symmetry isn’t very interesting.  And the water was a much richer blue than the sky, probably an effect of my circular polarizing filter.

Whatever the reason, I decided to try cropping off the hazy sky and part of the left side, leaving me mainly with the blurred reflection of the trees.  It’s not my best photo by any means, but it captures the feel of a quiet late-autumn Sunday afternoon in the woods, so I think it’s a success.

This image is, as usual, an HDR made from a bracket of five images. These were taken centered at 1/160th-second exposure, with ISO 1600 and f/11, with the lens at 99 mm. I used the circular polarizing filter, set to about half-intensity, and as noted cropped the image slightly.  Processing was lightweight: I took the defaults except for a touch of saturation, a slight reduction of exposure (the left side was too bright) and a small reduction of the Highlights (to further tone down the brightness of the tree trunks mainly).


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