A Fresh Look


It’s late in coming, much like this post, but Spring is finally beginning to show up. The trees are putting out buds, and there are insects in the air.  I guess you have to take the good with the bad.

I planned a hike in Northborough’s Edmund Hill Woods for this weekend’s activity, but since trees tend not to be the most photogenic of scenes (hence much of the lack of recent photos) I stopped off at the nearby Wachusett Aqueduct to take a photo.  It’s hard to believe that my last one here was four years ago, but it was. As I’ve previously discussed this, I won’t repeat that detail, except to note that it’s been out of service for about fifteen years now, although kept as a backup. The modern aqueduct now runs in a deep tunnel bored through solid rock, rather than a brick-lined channel.

I do like the look of this structure, with its rather pointless cast-iron handrails (it was closed to pedestrians during its operational life, although that’s changing now) and the edge detail along the top, that mirrors the shape of the interior channel where the water flowed.  The while color, lime leached out from the flowing water over decades, gives it an interesting look, compared to the usual gray this granite would be.

When I photographed this the sun was ducking in and out from behind clouds, and I thought I’d want a brightly lit image. But this one, taken with the sun behind a cloud, looked better to me when I reviewed them.  The shadows under the arches are muted rather than sharp, and there’s a late-afternoon yellowish cast to everything, which I think the cloud enhanced.  It works well with the yellowish leaves of the foreground shrub and the buds on the trees, and provides some contrast to the blue sky.

This photo is a single photo, not my usual HDR.  It was taken as ISO 400, f/11, with a shutter speed of 1/50th of a second, and with the lens at 47mm.  I used my circular polarizing filter, but had it turned down so the effect was mild. Processing only involved a mild crop to remove some foreground dirt and trees on the far right, and the addition of some sharpening.


2 thoughts on “A Fresh Look

    • I suspect that’s at least in part intentional. On the other hand, any raised stone viaduct, for water or anything else, is most efficiently constructed as a series of arches. The Romans many not even have been the first to realize this, as other cultures used arches before them, they’re just the best known example because they built so many.

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